First Steps Parents

Parents of Infants:

We are excited to welcome your infant into the first steps Ministry. Each week when you bring your child in, we ask that you fill out a “Today, I need…” form or download one here to bring with you already filled out. This form informs our volunteers what your child will need during the time you are way- the times for feedings, naps, snacks, etc. We want to meet the needs of your child to the best of our ability – and knowing what they need will help us make that a reality! We are more than happy to feed your baby a bottle when needed in the morning.

Unfortunately, due to the number of children in our Infant Nursery each week, we are unable to feed jar food during their stay. If you are nursing, we have nursing rooms available for you.

Our ratio for our infant area is 1 adult to every 3 children. We have qualified volunteers on hand who will be able to help with your infant’s needs.


What you need to know about the first steps Ministry:

Doors to the classrooms will be open 15 minutes before services start. If you are a guest, please stop at the first steps Registration desk to check in. A host or hostess will help you get to the right classroom. Please complete the sign-in sheet at the door of your child’s classroom and make sure that all items that belong to your child are labeled. We ask that unless there is an emergency, you do not pick your child up early from class as it is disruptive to other children and classroom activities.



When you bring your child to the first steps classroom, they will be given a numbered security sticker. You will receive a sticker with a matching number. YOU MUST HAVE THIS SECURITY TAG TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD. In the event that we need to contact you during the service, we will post the number on the small screens above the front exit doors in the worship center.

For the safety and stability of or children, we ask that all parents check in their children at the classroom door and not enter the classroom.

The first steps Team will monitor the entrance to the hallway before and after every service. The doors are closed and locked once the service begins and reopened at the end of the service.

All of our volunteers go through a background check and screening prior to serving. Please visit out volunteer page to let us know if you would like to volunteer in the first steps Preschool Ministry.