Go Conference

What is GO Conference? Once a year we focus on work that missionaries are doing around the world. This is a time to discover what God is doing around the world to bring new believers. This is also a time to examine how God wants each one of us to personally be involved in this work here at home with our neighbors AND across the nations.

This year the theme is Awaken. We are asking that as a church God would awaken an enduring passion for the people that are lost and even more so for the ones that have never heard the message of the gospel. The three things we need to be challenged on is praying, giving and living a missions minded life.

Many of us have a cognitive understanding of missions; however we lack a God-instilled passion to see all nations worship Him and a knowledge of the church’s mandate to make Him known globally. Few churches need more activities on their calendars, but they do need hearts and lives reoriented around God’s heart. The greatest and longest lasting motivation for global mission is a heart stirred by God.