First Impressions

In our First Impressions ministry, we know a smile and a helping hand go a long way in helping someone relax and connect in our worship services. That’s why our goal is to give a warm welcome to all who attend our services, provide useful information to new guests, and assist individuals with questions they might have about our programs or facilities.



Bob Adams is the Digital Engagement Leader and Vision Room Curator for Auxano, an organization that seeks to provide break-thru clarity for many areas of church structure and leadership. Concerning first impressions, Adams writes:

"The ministry of greeting in churches today often seems to rank below that of preaching, teaching and music. While that may be true, it’s important to remember that the ministry of greeting is most often the first impression guests get of your church – well before any of the others listed above. And in fact, if a bad impression is made in the greeting stage, a newcomer may completely shut down, regardless of how fantastic the other elements of the church may be.

Greeting is a ministry – one that is becoming more important than ever in today’s experience-oriented culture. The guests coming to your church next Sunday may not understand all the words they will hear, but the warm and caring actions of your greeting team will speak loud and clear. To a person seeking truth and peace, an ounce of kindness is worth a pound of preaching. Christian kindness is a ministry for church greeters who care deeply about people." (Bob Adams, "First Impressions Are Everything for Churches," Church Leader Gazette. 28 June 2009.)

We’d love to have you become a part of our team that helps foster great First Impressions. Truly, at Mission Hill Church we desire to be a church that actively lives out its mission to Love God Passionately and Love Others Intentionally. Below is a breakdown of several areas you can get involved to continue this mission.



Individuals on this team arrive 45-60 minutes prior to a service start time and provide that first smile guests see as they enter our facility. Our team captain will explain to you the details of this service opportunity and work with your schedule.



Individuals on this team arrive 45 minutes before a service start time. These First Impressions volunteers are stationed at Guest Reception booths located in one of three locations (Atrium, Preschool entry and 56th Street entry). You will provide guests with a map of the facility, current church handouts, and gifts for our first-time guests.



Individuals on this team arrive 45 minutes before a service start time. Greeters are located along the various entry points of the church to warmly welcome guests and guide them to points of interest as needed.



Individuals on this team arrive 30-45 minutes before a service start time. Ushers welcome guests to the worship center, hand out bulletins, guide guests to seats as needed, take up the offering, and provide handouts at the end of services.



Individuals on this team arrive 30-45 minutes before a service start time. The Safety Team helps to keep our facilities safe by being on the lookout for suspicious individuals, assisting individuals who experience an injury or medical episode, and alerting First Responders as needed. Additional training is required to serve on this team.

For more information, or to sign up to serve, please contact Gary McNeal