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I think the worst part of a doctor's visit is the waiting room. No matter how nicely the room is furnished or how welcoming the staff may be, the waiting room is almost always a place of many unknowns and great anticipation. Think about how much of our life is filled with these waiting-room moments.

Max Lucado calls it, “The Waiting Room,” those seasons in life when we don’t have answers we simply have to wait. We wait for grades, we wait for that “right” person to marry, we wait for job callbacks, and we wait for tax refunds. We wait, but we don’t like it!

So, we’ve created a world in which our waits are minimized. We eat fast food, on the go, while multi tasking on our phones. We speed through the lanes of life hoping to cut down our wait times, but nevertheless, when it matters most, we wait!

As Christ followers, we shouldn’t be surprised. Waiting is an intrinsic part of our spiritual journey. God’s Word repeatedly tells us to “Wait” on Him. In fact, as Christians we eagerly watch and wait for the event of the ages, the return of Christ, all the while praying, “Even now, come Lord Jesus!”

Lucado offers a good reminder for our waiting times in life. “Here's what you need to know. While you wait, God works! God never twiddles His thumbs. He never stops. Just because you're idle, don't assume God is. Trust Him. In the right time, you'll get through this.”

Whatever you’re waiting for today, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and trust God. He’s at work; it’s just on His schedule not yours!

We are in one of those “waiting rooms” as we continue to journey through the recent discovery of Kimberly’s cancer. We were very pleased with our Dr.’s visit at Moffitt Cancer Center. After reviewing Kimberly’s records and visiting with her, the Dr. decided to prescribe another surgical biopsy to determine how invasive the cancer has become. The results of this biopsy will determine the kind of surgery he performs to remove the cancer. We expect to “wait” a week or two for the first surgery, and about a month for the actual surgery to remove the cancer. Thanks for your continued prayers as we trust our God in our “waiting room.”


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