What does Missions 365 Mean?

It is not for the elite. You need not be a professional. It is not an exclusive club, private fraternity, or social clique. We make a profound mistake in believing that the work of missions is the responsibility for super spiritual full time missionaries. We love listening to their stories and admire them from a distance but are removed from the awesome reality that missions is God’s call is for ALL. Each one of us individually has been commissioned to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ and each one of us individually, will one day give account as to what we did with that mandate.

Now, by this point you may be thinking, “Ok… I’ll go... when is the next mission trip?” And the answer is simple: today is the mission trip and the field is right outside your door. Please don’t misunderstand me. God may want you to go and serve on a short term mission trip. However, God is not only interested in that one week of the year; He is interested in all 52 weeks! Every single day, whether you realize it or not, God is up to some amazing things where you live, play and work. He desires that YOU and I be consumed by this purpose for which He made us, then to live it out in our daily lives. We were created to bring Him glory and to accomplish His will.

The name Missions 365 reminds us that we should live a life on mission 365 days of the year. This means that if people from my neighborhood are going to hear the Gospel it is going to be up to me. If my colleagues at the office or classmates at school are going to be saved it is my responsibility. If the millions of Unreached People Groups have NEVER heard the message of hope found in Christ, it is up to me. Only when we embrace our God given mandate will our lives truly count for something that will last forever. I encourage you to discover God’s purpose for your life and then live it out 365 days of the year.

Let it begin today!

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